Cooke Anamorphic SF Lens Set

Our Cooke Anamorphic/i SF "Special Flare" Lens Set includes 5 lenses: 32, 40, 50, 65*, 75, 100, 135*mm with IB/E PLx2 Doubler.

Emmyland is proud to be the first in the UK to offer these very special lenses to the rental market. This Special Flare lens set features the tried and tested Cooke Anamorphic Look we all know and love with an added special flare coating. This allows for the lenses to flare (in comparison to the first versions of the Cooke Anamorphic where the flares were suppressed), have blue streaks and overall for them to be more sensitive to different qualities of light and colour temperatures. Now DOPs can maximise their creativity and individuality whilst still maintaining the original Cooke Anamorphic look.

* 65mm & 135mm available Q1 2019.


All of the anamorphic lens characteristics demanded by filmmakers today with the Cooke Look® and oval bokeh. That’s the Cooke Anamorphic /i Look. Images beautifully rendered for film and especially suited for use with digital cameras. The Anamorphic /i lens correct aberrations exceptionally well over the entire image area – astigmatism, lateral and longitudinal colour – that will render shape, form and soul to your images.