Steadicam & Camera Team Shooting Package

What could be easier than hiring all of your equipment and Camera Team for your next shoot under one roof?! One invoice, Unbeatable skill and efficiency, an expert and seasoned team you can rely on to get the job done no matter the challenge! Steadicam Operator James Poole leads our Steadicam Shooting package team with Emmyland Ltd.'s regular Focus Puller Emily-Jane Robinson and Loader Max Openshaw.

We bring with us a collective of 15+ years experience within the Film and TV industries, a diligent and conscientious work ethic and unrivalled team spirit. As experts working with our in-house Alexa Mini and Steadicam packages, we can promise expertise, quality and efficiency that is unbeatable.

We promise that once you try us, you won’t ever go back to dry-hire and crewing from anywhere else!

Our package includes:

  • ARRI Alexa Mini Camera Package

  • Lens set of your choosing

  • Steadicam Shadow - 32kg Payload / Including WAVE Stabilisation Unit

  • Fully Wireless Monitoring Package (5", 7", 17")

  • WCU-4 Wireless Lens Control System with Cinetape

  • Block Batteries, LMB-25 Matte Box, Schneider IRNDS and more.

  • Camera Van Package Including transport within M25


james poole steadicam operator emmyland package london alexa mini.jpg

James Poole
Steadicam Operator
"Smooth Operator" - James started his career as a 35mm film projectionist and then moved to work in Camera Department, first in live events and organically progressing into commercial, promo and narrative drama as a Steadicam Operator. As a Tiffen Certified Steadicam Operator with thousands of hours spent on the job for brands such as Bentley, Virgin Atlantic, Nike and Alexachung, he brings to the table exceptional experience resulting in unparalleled results.


Emily-Jane Robinson
Focus Puller / 1st AC
"Sharp as a knife" - Emily-Jane’s exceptional technical knowledge, precise, methodical and rigorous attention to detail, strong leadership and interpersonal skills, combined with her unique background in fine art make her a valuable asset to any production. Emily-Jane is proficient with all digital and film camera systems and has 8 years extensive experience working exclusively within the camera department with 5 years as Focus Puller. 

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Max Openshaw
Clapper Loader / 2nd AC
"Loader extraordinaire" - Max has been working in the camera department exclusively as a Clapper Loader for 3 years on commercials, music videos, short and feature films. His efficiency, speed and composure on the job make him the perfect companion to this dream team!