What We Do

Here at Emmyland, we specialise in wet-hire boutique camera equipment rental that services the motion picture film and television industries.



Send us your dream kit wish-list and requirements.


We build your custom camera package, tailoring it exclusively to fit your needs.


We create your quote, and apply our Wet-Hire Crewing Services Discount to all of our in-house equipment. We promise that we will match or beat the price of any other rental house when it comes to our in-house equipment.


We come on board as your dedicated camera crew, either as Focus Puller, 2nd AC / Loader or ideally, both and pack everything into our deluxe 2016 VW Transporter Transit Camera Van.


We bring with us a collective of 13+ years experience within the Film and TV industries, a diligent and conscientious work ethic and unrivalled team spirit. As experts working with our in-house Alexa Mini package, we can promise quality and efficiency that is unbeatable.


We promise that once you try us, you won’t ever go back to dry-hire and crewing from anywhere else!