Easyrig Vario 5 with Flowcine Serene and Cinema Flex Vest

Our custom Easy Rig Vario 5 is provided with or without Flowcine Serene to your specification. After extensive testing we found that the Cinema Flex vest fit the best for all shapes and sizes of operators after years of working with vests that were too big or just uncomfortable.


•    Easyrig Vario 5 (For cameras/ set-ups weighing 5-17kgs.)

•    Optional Flowcine Serene

•    Optional Gimbal Extension

•    Optional Standard Arm


The optional extended arm on this rig adds additional stabilisation and makes it perfect for shooting with any gimbal.

Long day ahead handheld or on the Movi? This one is for you!

The Easyrig vario 5 gives you the same advantages as other Easyrig models with the added benefit of being able to adjust the line tension to adapt to many different cameras and configurations.

The Vario 5 has an adjustable weight range from 5-17kg (11-38 lbs). By turning the adjustment screw located on the back, you can easily change the tension / power of the line.

The Flowcine Serene is a two axis spring arm that attaches at the end of the Easyrig (2.5/3) arm. It stabilises vibrations and motion errors on the vertical axis that comes from walking or running with the rig. It also stabilises side to side errors in the same scenarios by counter pivoting around it’s centre axis. At the same time you have full use of the Easyrig spring extension that will allow you to go from high to low mode while at the same time the Serene will take care of the vertical and side to side stabilisation adding two more stabilised axis to your existing system.