“Whilst there is an undeniable ease to using Emmyland as a camera package on a shoot, it is their fierce work ethic and commitment to the job that has made them a necessity on anything I'm shooting. Without hesitation, Emily and Max are the first members of crew that I look to get on board. Emmyland has become a bi-word for quality in the crowd of independent filmmakers I know and work with. I can't wait to work with them for years to come (until they get too big and I can't afford their quotes).”
- Jack Cooper Stimpson, Director


“Emmy and Max are the BATMAN of Camera Teams!”
- Luke Goodrich, 1st Assistant Director

“Emmyland are at the core strength to my creative vision on every project I work with them. Trust is a huge part of collaboration and I can always know that Emily Jane and Max are supporting the vision of the piece because we share a mutual love for the arts, an unrelenting work ethic and a collective vision to be part of a community that helps one another. Their services are second to none in pre production and on set and I would not be able to do what I do without them.
- Jamie Michael Korn, Director of Photography

“Emmy and Max did an amazing job on my short film ‘Bellmouth’, focus was solid throughout! Impressive with all the non-rehearsed handheld. 💯💥🙌”
- Job Kraaijeveld, Director of Photography


"Emmy and Max have an incredible breadth and depth of technical filmic knowledge. The camera kit they have meticulously woven together is beautifully assembled and always kept up to a sky high standard. They have the kind of telepathic, instinctive knowledge of their equipment that crew normally only have the chance to develop after 6 weeks of working with a camera package. (and they are really lovely people too)."
- Joseph Dunn, Director of Photography

“Great selection of gear to give a really nice package with some fabulous lenses. All the gear is in great condition and Emmy and Max work with their set up constantly which inspires real confidence so that I can relax about that side of things. They take pride in their work, are lovely to work with- supportive and always looking after your back. They just make it all so easy.”
- Ian Liggett, Director of Photography


“Amazing company with an amazing team. As an operator always feel supported and never alone.”
- Grant Sandy-Phillips, Steadicam Operator

“Emmyland are an amazing hire company! They always go above and beyond to get us all the equipment we need for our shoots. They provide the cutting edge most up to date equipment with competitive industry prices. I love the fact when we hire from them we are working with an independent London Business run by the brilliant hard working, professional team at Emmyland.”
- Penny Gabriel, Producer, Bark Films

“Our business, quite crucially, revolves around team work. For this reason, even beyond the joy of being around them, I am looking very much forward to working with the lovely Emmyland team again. I have never worked with a camera crew so responsive in pre-empting my needs. It was seemless and painless with additional monitors provided and the spirit of co-operation which can make hard work into a joy. I recommend Emmyland to anyone who values technical proficiency, top kit and teamwork.”
- Christine Dores, Boom Operator


“Since my first shoot working with Emmyland they have become a staple of every project. The expertise and professionalism from both Emmy and Max is a huge asset on any set and they will always be the first names on any crew. Nothing is too much trouble and the work and equipment is always of the highest standard and condition. On top of that they are bloody great to be around.”
- Ryan Goodman, Director

"Working with Emmyland is always a dream, they're always willing to help and are dedicated, professional and swift with the lens changes. Not only are they top tier as a crew, but they come with the cleanest kit, both in terms of quality but also environmentally - that electric car is genius and so up my street!"
- Femi Anderson, Producer

“Emmyland went above and beyond to get what we needed to get done. Emmy and Max are talented, imaginative, and so inspiring to work with. They have an absolute familiarity in their equipment - which is vast - and I felt like they were ready to support me in any way I needed. We worked quickly and effortlessly through the day, through each set up and through each new idea. I look forward to working with them again.”
- Stella Scott, Director

IMG_3376-3 copy.jpg

“Emmyland make everything so easy for a production. The professionalism, crew and quality of kit they bring to every job has been a pleasure to work with.”
- Ross Williams, Producer, Obey (2018) and Scarborough (2018)

“Fast, Sharp and Smiley! :)”
- Guillaume Le Grontec, Director of Photography

“We recently completed shooting on 'The Intergalactic Adventures of Max Cloud’. I must say, it was a pleasure to work with such a creative and friendly camera team. I felt we were one department, not two. Both Emmy and Max were so helpful and their commitment and efficiency was noted by our Director and the Production team. The camera equipment was excellent and well maintained. I look forward to working with them again in the near future.”
- Clive Copland, AMPS, Production Sound Mixer

“I've worked with Emily-Jane and Max on several of my projects now, and would do so again in a heartbeat. Not only do they have some gorgeous kit, they're lovely people and brilliant collaborators on set. Emmyland is the business!”
- Melissa-Kelly Franklin, Director


“It was great working with Emmyland on our feature film ‘Obey’. Not only were they technically savvy with a great kit set up, they were fantastic to collaborate with creatively and bought a really positive influence to the set. They understood the kind of film we were trying to make and used all their resources to help us realise our vision. Can't wait to work with them again.”
- Emily Jones and Jamie Jones,
Producer and Director, Obey (2018)

It's always an absolute pleasure working with Emily-Jane and her team. We've used Emmyland on many different productions, from London recording studios, to the freezing cold shores of Iceland, and it's always reassuring to know our camera kit and crew are in their their safe, skilled hands.
- Jack Lightfoot, Director, Blindeye Films

“Emily and Max are a great addition to any camera team. Positive people with a good working ethic and they come with all the toys needed for any production.
- Charlie Killick, 3rd Assistant Director


“Emmyland is a great technical and super spot-on addition to any production. They provide top gear in excellent condition and they work really hard to get your story shot in speed and in style... also sharp :)”
- Diana Olifirova, Director of Photography

I have worked with Emmyland on-and-off for the last 3 years, watching with admiration at their rate of growth. They’re a great camera team: professional, personable and very accommodating. I’d recommend them for sure.
- Ollie Perrin, Head of Production, JAM Flicks

“It's been my pleasure to work with Emmy and Max on a variety of projects, they consistently demonstrate the most profound technical knowledge, professionalism and efficiency on set. Always wonderfully helpful to the sound department making every production feel like a real team effort.”
- Tom Anderson, Sound Recordist

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