Cinetape Tape Measure / Arri LCUBE

Our Cinetape is fully equipped to send readouts to our WCU-4 WLCS hand unit via our Arri LCUBE signal converter and Arri / Cmotion Cforce Mini Motors and Lens Control System.


Measuring distance just became easier with the Cinematography Electronics CINE TAPE MEASURE System. This versatile ultrasonic system continuously calculates the distance between a subject and the camera’s film-plane. By continuously measuring distance during a shot, small or subtle subject movements are no longer a problem. With non-stop measurements, focusing a camera lens is simplified which saves time, avoids retakes and reduces production costs.


Size: Inch: 3.0 x 3.0 x 1.2 mm: 76 x 76 x 31

Weight: 7 oz. (195 Grams)
Constrution : Machined Aluminum (Not Cast)
Measurement Units: Feet & Inches or Meters & Centimeters
Measurement Resolution: 1 inch; 1 cm
Film Plane Offset Range: -9 to 99 ft; -3 to 30 m
Close Focus Range:12 to 30 inch; 30 to 90 cm
Sensitivity Range:: 0 to 99 %
Select / Adjust Switch: Red Knob
FT-in / M-cm Switch: Toggle
Power Connector : Fischer 3 Pin
Sensor Connector : Fischer 3 Pin
Remote Connector : Lemo 6 Pin
Numeric Display: Bright Red LED
Sensor Indicator: Bright Green LED
Film-Plane Adjust Indicator: Bright Yellow LED
Sensitivity Adjust Indicator: Bright Yellow LED
Circuit Protection: Auto Reset Fuse
DC Power Requirements: 9 to 32 Volts
Current Consumption: 50 to 150 mA
Mounting: Velcro