Hawkwoods XB1-780 X-Boxx Block Battery Kit

The perfect companion to our Alexa Mini and Sony 17 inch Monitor packages to keep everything powered all day as well. These bock block batteries are vital for remote shooting when there is no access to power.


4x Hawkwoods XB1-780 X-Boxx 14.4v 780wh + Duel Charger

Emmyland Hawk Woods XB1-780 X-Boxx Block Battery Kit Rental London Alexa Mini


The XB1-780 is the latest release from Hawk-Woods in the X-BOXX range, This battery gives you all the advantages of a conventional battery box, but with considerably less size and weight. Four Lithium-Ion cell packs are fitted into this neat compact design. Designed to be carried over the shoulder, its almost half the weight of a battery box with similar specifications. 

Suitable for powering professional cameras, it will also run most types of high capacity lighting, such as Tungsten or HMI lamps. Output socket variations are available, with this standard configuration being 2x XLR 4pins. 



2x XLR 4 output


Carry Handle